Chunghwa Telecom

Annual CSR Program


  • Re-introduce HiFun and attract students throughout Taiwan to participate in the competition.
  • To effectively communicate to teachers, parents, students and the media that HiFun is the most prestigious educational event in Taiwan
  • To underscore HiNet’s deep commitment to CSR.


  • An integrated strategy that involved a mix of PR tools.
  • Divided into four phases, an ongoing media outreach program lead to non-stop media exposure from education, telecom and entertainment beats.
  • Cooperation with “100M Student”, one of the highest rated TV programs in Taiwan created photo opportunities to hook the press.


  • 38,668,704 page views were generated from the HiFun official website.
  • The PR value was the highest that a HiNet online competition has ever gained (PR value was NTD50 million).
  • Over 226,295 students registered for the competition.