BMA Global Services Expands in New Office as Company Continues to Grow

Strategic public relations experts BMA Global Services have moved into a new office. Optimistic about future business opportunities following reorganization and international expansion, BMA moved to a new, larger office on Xinyi road in October. The team has abandoned a standard office space and embraced a new environment as it continues to provide customers with a complete marketing and public relations service, both at home and abroad.

As traditional businesses collide with the sharing economy, online shopping and other new business models, and traditional media are threatened by Internet media and the emergence of social media, public relations and marketing need to keep pace and adopt new practices. To help the team adapt and grow with the business needs of this new era, BMA designed a new, open working environment, where the team can provide customers with creative, flexible and diverse services.

According to BMA founder and CEO, Belinda Ma, “the starting point for the design new office was to focus on people. BMA’s team all share one characteristic, regardless of age, sex or seniority, they are pure of heart; I wanted the office to reflect this, while at the same time meeting the demands of their workload. It was also important to escape the confines of standard offices, so we used a lot of wood, green and white, with splashes of blue, red and yellow serving as accents. The aim was to create a minimalist, simple yet warm and lively style, so that the office would feel natural and innocent feeling. With plenty of space creating a relaxed atmosphere, interactions between team members are increased, allowing them to learn from each other and share ideas more freely. The office arouses their curiosity and imagination, while inspiring enthusiasm and passion for the public relations industry and customer service”.

With more than two decades of experience in the public relations sector, CEO Belinda Ma and Vice President Winnie Hsu have always been great partners, winning together the Asia Pacific PR Awards 2008 technology campaign of the year award. Focusing at first on the information and communications technology industry, they have branched out into world-class wine and other consumer industries supporting a diverse range of clients including Airbnb, HomePlug Alliance, ME&WE, Micron, OpenStack, Treasury Wine Estates, UL, WeBackers and other famous brands.

Since its inception BMA Global Services’ precise public relations strategies and flexible marketing services have helped clients achieve sustainable competitive advantages. As a world-class strategic public relations and marketing company, BMA is not only the best partner for its clients, it is also a company that cares about its employees. BMA’s dedicated and creative team of professionals uphold the highest standards of integrity and passion for public relations, helping clients maintain leading positions in their industries. In this new work environment, BMA and its clients will continue to thrive.